An Update On Adoption

We posted a while back that we started working through the adoption process. So far we have finished our educational hours, set up the nursery, and are doing our Home Study next week. Many forms have been completed and many more will need to be completed. There was one form that I filled out on which I forgot to check two boxes and so it came back…don’t worry it wasn’t any of those REALLY important questions, it was only the “Have you ever been convicted of…well…really bad things against kids.” Ughfacepalm Continue reading

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A Quarter Gone By

DSC_0361I can’t believe I haven’t written since August. As I write this I am about to enter that magical time of year called “Finals.” If all goes as desired, I will be all done with essays, papers, and reading assignments by Sunday afternoon so that I can comfortably attend classes next week without thinking about all that needs to be done. Continue reading

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Life PV

Today I preached my last sermon as “Vicar Merritt”…though in all likely-hood a good chunk of the congregation will still call me “Vicar” out of habit. Titles for the next year have been tossed around from various people, but I think we found one that might stick. “Post-Vicar” or “PV” for short. Continue reading

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A Random Friendship

Aldi LogoEarlier today Veronica and I went to get our yearly physicals. On the way home Veronica told me that she needed to stop at Aldi to get a few things for dinner this week. Because of where we were I decided to go to an Aldi that we always went to near the Seminary rather than one that we’ve been going to more recently, that’s closer to where we now live. Continue reading

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Just So You Know

TTR_0024Just so you know…it will be 1-3 years. No, not jail time! What’s wrong with you? C’mon! According to Christian Family Services (CFS), it should be 1-3 years until an adoption placement will occur for Veronica and me. We started the adoption process the other day by completing and submitting the application to Christian Family Services. Now we’re waiting for approval from them to move forward. Once we receive that approval we will start the process of getting licensed as a foster home through DCFS. We will not have to do foster care, that’s just the law in IL for the process. However, we have considered doing foster-to-adopt in the future. After looking at various options, we feel at peace with the decision to pursue a domestic infant adoption. Continue reading

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